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Veronica King's smooth, soulful voice is the perfect fit for her debut single, "Ice Cream Sundae," a sweet R&B track about romance. Follow King and her lover as they go on dates to get milkshakes and flaunt their love around town. The song and video are charming and will provoke feelings from your own young love stories.


Soul Bounce 

What makes “Ice Cream Sundae” the perfect spring love anthem is the way it captures the cavalier, carefree vibe of falling in love. Over a subtle blend of haunting synths, guitar licks and breathy harmonies, Veronica spits game, “I like you, we don’t have to make this difficult / No pressure, we’ll see if we’re compatible.” King's feather light vocals are enough to carry the song, as the young songstress definitely has some pipes. However, her effortless charisma and charm are just the cherries on top of an intoxicating blend of soulful R&B.

Grain Of Salt 

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